The tasks of the Frasche Rädj / Frisian Council Section North

can be divided into four parts:

a) Political work
The biggest part of the daily work consists of common concerns of the Frisian associations in particar and the Frisian minority in general.

b) Cooperation in the Interfrisian Council and annual meetings like
• the Interfrisian farmer meeting (hosts change each year)
• the Interfrisian congress (all third year, changing hosts)
• the meeting of all three Frisia on Helgoland (all third year)
• the Interfrisian meeting of politicians (each year, changing hosts)
• the Interfrisian meeting of women (all second year, changing hosts)
• the annual BIIKE reception.

c) Contact to and cooperation with state departments
on local, federal and European level.

d) Representation and participation
of meetings, workshops and conferences.

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