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Publications of the Frasche Rädj / Frisian Council
Within the framework of a song contest a CD of Frisian songs was published in 2013. 2010 a documentary about North Frisa DVD »Dat san wi« was published. In 2006 the Frisian Council drew attention to their situation in Modell Nordfriesland aus dem Jahr 2006.

Publications in Frisian
Videos, DVD`s and all other publications on and about Frisian are available
at the Nordfriisk Instituut. Further publications can be obtained at following organisations: Nordfriesischer Verein, Friisk Foriining, Gemeinde Helgoland Eiderstedter Heimatbund Nordfriisk Instituut Öömrang Ferian.

News on Frisian language
FriiskFunk goes on air each morning from 8am to 9am. The Frisian daily radio
contains Frisian activities, culture and news of the region.
Read more about the Open Channel Schleswig - Holstein

Before FriiskFunk goes off the air there is a news block Nais foon diling
»frasche tisinge foon e Friisk Foriining«. Frisian news by listening and reading on demand.

Each Wednesday the German broadcast NDR 1 goes on air with "Frisian for all".

From 8pm to 9pm there are contributions in Frisian language.. Also here listening and reading on demand.

Friisk Hüs as a small part of the Open channel
Since 2011 Friisk Hüs offers all interested parties to publish own radio programmes. Read more here

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